Defending Traffic and Criminal Violations in Birmingham Alabama

Serving Jefferson County, Birmingham Alabama And The Surrounding Areas

Whether you live in the Birmingham, Alabama area or are simply vacationing in Alabama, criminal violations such as DUI are serious offenses and often carry strict penalties. Finding an experienced criminal defense attorney is important and sends a strong signal to the prosecution that you are ready to defend your rights.

Your life and future is at stake. If you or your loved one needs assistance with a criminal matter, contact us online or call 205-856-1000 to discuss the situation before speaking with the police or any authority.

From Out Of Town And Arrested For Dui?

Unfortunately, some individuals vacationing in the area get caught up in criminal matters and need assistance from an attorney but does not know the community and does not know where to turn for help.

As a result of my strong ties to the community and extensive experience, we regularly assist out of town clients facing a variety of criminal charges including:

  • DUI (drunk driving)
  • Driving while license revoked
  • Speeding, reckless driving or endangerment
  • Drug related offenses (drug possession, conspiracy)
  • Assault

Bringing Over 40 Years Of Combined Experience To The Table

From DUI to assault charges, we will bring our 40 years of legal experience in defending your case. If you need assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call 205-856-1000.